The Worthy Skirmishes

Since mid 2013 Katie has been working on a side project with fellow musician Sarah Taylor from The Taylor Project. Their duo is called The Worthy Skirmishes, find their website here.

Together they have been working with Susie Vickery, a textile artist based in Mumbai India.

Katie and Sarah have been inspired to collaborate musically – sharing and co-writing music and lyrics – relating to very current issues of social justice.

Both Katie and Sarah believe strongly in women’s rights and are very interested in bringing to their collaborative project a clear message supporting awareness, empowerment and positive change in the areas of women’s rights to fair work, sexual and reproductive health, personal safety and also toward positive body image.

They believe strongly that some of our consumer choices play a large role in ensuring that women in the developing world are given access to these basic human rights.

Susie has joined them in the development of a beautiful and moving video clip for one of their songs ‘Shopping Bags’ which honors the women who were the majority of 1,129 victims killed and over 2,515 injured in the Bangladesh Factory Collapse on April 24, 2013.

The song and film clip also aim to inspire reflection on our own personal roles, as consumers, in the lead up to tragedy.

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