Truth & Lies Out Now!

The first single ‘Truth & Lies’ from our upcoming debut album is out now!

Follow the links below to stream it / buy it / download it from any and all of the usual outlets:

A massive thanks to the enormous cast of folks who have helped us get to this point, with a full length album to call our own, ready for release this Summer. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Our eternal thanks to:

All the talented players – Chris Ellis, Quinn Ellis, Narada Ellis, Samuel Christopher Ellis, Rachel Samuel, James Eccles, Leo Kahans, Chips Wardle, Peter Anderson, John Hooves Clayton, Erica Pringle and The Septemberists
The recorder and producer in chief – Chris Ellis
The genius mix consultant and mastering engineer – John Hooves Clayton
The brilliant artist and designer behind the artwork (with more to come) – Jack Crosby

Truth & Lies mini-tour continues

Our single launch is coming up at the Guildford Banjo Jamboree on Saturday 21st September. The family friendly festival is a well-kept secret, and makes a lovely day trip from Melbourne, or an awesome weekend of almost free camping and music!!

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